Career Opportunity - Administrative Manager


This position requires a professional and dynamic individual who excels in high pressure and multi-tasking situations. We require expertise in human resources, bookkeeping, payroll, CRA and administration. This position requires a firm background in NGO bylaws as well as small business practices. We require individuals to hold a Class 4 license, First Aid and CPR, post-secondary education in business, accounting or other relevant Degree.

Additional qualifications include:

- Standard First Aid and CPR-C

- Class 5 Driver’s license

- Criminal record check – Vulnerable sector check


Wage: $23/hour

Schedule: 37.5 hours/week

Benefits: Medical benefits per the BGCY Group Benefits Package, and access to expanding coverage for spourse or direct family at their own cost.

Vacation: 3 weeks paid

Job Posting dates:
October 22nd - October 26th, 2018.  Job posting ends October 26th, 2018 at 3pm PST.

 General Accountability

The Administrative Manager is responsible for aiding the Executive Director in all Administrative Duties for the Boys and Girls Club of Yukon.

  • The Administrative Manager (AM) reports directly to the Executive Director
  • The AM is directly responsible for the following staff: Bookkeepers, Admin Coordinators, Accountants and any admin related positions (volunteer or paid), CRA reporting and HR.


  • The AM may be called upon from time to time to aid in Programing, if this is the case they will conduct themselves in a matter befitting the Programs they are facilitating.
  • Assure all information leaving the club meets branding standards and messaging standards
  • Aid the Executive Director in ensuring that all programs are operating as per BGCY Policy and Procedure.


  • Supervise, evaluate and recommend discipline to the Executive Director to all staff that the position has responsibility for. Ensure staff utilizes their time appropriately. Delegate responsibilities.
  • Responsible for submitting employee time sheets, distributing club orientation manuals and labour standards book, posting weekly memos and minutes of staff meetings.
  • Responsible for administrative staff scheduling;
  • Responsible for posting job positions for new hires, aiding in conducting interviews and reference checks.
  • Tangentially responsible for supervision of staff team.
  • Responsible for Administrative orientation of new staff, and to assure all paper work is filled out correctly by new staff members.
  • Track keys that staff have been issued and be assured they are signed in and out
  • Track BGCY swag that staff have, assure they are ordered and distributed as needed
  • Implement the delivery of appropriate motivational tools and reward mechanism for club members, staff and volunteers. Identify appropriate/required training and development and recommend these to the Executive Director, keep records of staff training and professional development opportunities to assure opportunities are equally presented to staff team.
  • Responsible for keeping track of sick days, flex hours and vacation days of all staff.
  • Responsible for aiding in on call coverage.
  • Attend Executive and/or Senior Staff meetings, make presentations as required, take and distribute minutes from meetings. Run meetings when ED is absent.
  • Assist with the development of an overall staffing plan, and make recommendations to the Executive Director.


  • Recruit (i.e. newspapers, volunteer resource centre, schools, churches, community, etc.)
  • Record and file all relevant information on the individual.
  • Utilize all opportunities to recruit volunteers
  • Work with volunteers to ensure their placement is both beneficial to the club and them.


  • Responsible for all club book keeping
  • Maintain club charitable status
  • Work with accountants to assure yearly audit/review are conducted on time and within budget
  • Submit financials to the Executive director Quarterly or as directed
  • Prepare, coordinate and manage all grants under the direction of the ED.
  • Responsible for all club billing and invoicing
  • Responsible for the accounting of all Petty Cash expenditures for the BGCY
  • CRA tracking and reporting


  • Responsible for IT of all club computers
  • Responsible for Sharevision maintenance and trainings
  • Responsible for maintaining club phones, cameras and laptops
  • Responsible for club website and overall Facebook administration
  • Responsible for club vehicles and corresponding safety checks, maintenance and logs
  • Maintain a record of serial numbers of all club equipment for insurance purposes. Submit updates to Executive Director
  • Oversee all Maintenance, renovations and other improvements to the site, report the Executive Director as required
  • Ensure proper opening and lock up of all facilities.
  • Aid in office duties as required
  • Assist and attend fundraising events when requested.
  • Preform any other duties as required by the Executive Director