Weekday Warriors Parent Handbook 2016-2017

Weekday Warriors discontinued service in 2016 due to facility and sustainable funds issues. BGCY administration recognizes the need for quality and safe after-school care programming for both Whitehorse and our Yukon Communities. BGCY continues to work with government, funders, community groups & organizations, schools and public to find a support to the after-school care needs. For further questions, concerns or for more information please contact our Executive Director, Lindsay Cornell, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.







Weekday Warriors: Parent and Guardian Handbook

Weekday Warriors Description

            Weekday warriors is an after school recreational program which runs between the hours of 3:00pm to 5:15pm, Monday through Friday. Weekday Warriors provides dynamic, entertaining, engaging programming fuelled by our participants’ current interests and developmental needs. We offer healthy fresh from scratch snacks, provide homework help, bring in facilitators, and present fun and active-themed programming, including games and crafts. The following urban schools have twenty spaces available for children ages 6-12: Elijah Smith Elementary School & Whitehorse Elementary School.

Payments & Fees

            At the time of yearly registration, a $50 deposit (one per family) is required to secure a spot in Weekday Warriors. The deposit will be returned to the family once they have volunteered 4 hours of their time to a BGCY event. A family that does not meet this requirement before the beginning of the next Weekday Warrior season forfeits this deposit.

            Throughout the year the Boys & Girls Club will run a number of events to help fundraise money for the organization. Events include grocery bagging, our annual youth art show and social events. To help families fill their volunteer commitment, monthly newsletters will be sent out to help inform them of these opportunities. The four-hour commitment can be completed in one volunteer event, or multiple smaller events. For information about upcoming events and volunteer opportunities please contact our administration department by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at 393-2824, ext 202.

Weekday Warriors fees include an administration fee of $25 and then enrollement fees based on the frequency in which the participant attends. This fee is payable once each one school year. Below are the fees associated with Weekday Warriors.

  Frequency of Attendance Monthly Cost One-Time Fees
Full-Time Participants 4 to 5 times/week $200*

$50 deposit (one per family)

$25 administration fee (one per student)

Part-Time Participants 2 to 3 times/week $110*

$50 deposit (one per family)

$25 administration fee (one per student)

Casual Participants Less than 2 times/week 5 Attendance Punch Pass - $50/each

$50 deposit (one per family)

$25 administration fee (one per student)

*Rates for December, March, and June are reduced due to fewer school days.

Registering and paying for a full-time or part-time spot will secure a spot for that student, while casual participants are placed in Weekday Warriors based on availability and a first come first served basis. Below is the amount of specific spots available at each Weekday Warriors program site.

Program Site Full-Time Spots Part-Time Spots
Whitehorse Elementary 15 5
Elijah Smith Elementary 15 5

 If a program is not full these numbers can change at the discretion of the Middle Years Program Director.

The only way we can secure a student’s spot within the program is with payment. Payments for any given month will need to be paid ONE week before that month starts to guarantee a student’s spot. We accept cheques, made payable to the Boys & Girls Club of Yukon, or cash. Payments can be made ONLY at the Boys & Girls Club office. All payments are non-refundable. Receipts are available upon payment and invoices are available upon request. If at any time you are unclear of your balance, you can contact the Administrative Director by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at 393-2824, Ext 202.

Age Guidelines for Registration

            If you are registering your child for the fall term (September to December) at Elijah Smith Elementary School or Whitehorse Elementary, they must be 6 years old by December 31st of that year to attend. If you are registering your child for the winter/spring term (January to June) at Elijah Smith Elementary School or Whitehorse Elementary, they must be 6 years old by the end of the current school year to attend[BGCY2] .

Who Can Attend?

            Our program is currently offered in three different schools; Whitehorse Elementary School, Elijah Smith Elementary School and Hidden Valley Elementary School. Any elementary school child, ages 6 years to 12 years of age (5 to 12 years at Hidden Valley), may register[BGCY3] . A parent or guardian of a student must fill out a registration package prior to attending our program and must have paid the $50 deposit. The Boys and Girls Club of Yukon maintains a 10:1 youth to staff ratio (6:1 for 5 year olds). Elijah Smith and Whitehorse Elementary can therefore have up to 20 participants a day, while Hidden Valley can have up to 16 participants a day.

            Students located in schools where Weekday Warriors is not currently being offered, may still attend our program, however we do not offer transportation; therefore parents/guardians are responsible for pick-up and drop-off of their children at one of our school locations. Priority will be given to students registered within one of the three schools offering the Weekday Warriors program.

Parents/guardians of a student who requires an Educational Assistant (E.A.) throughout the school day, MUST provide an E.A. or a Support Worker during our program. Parents/guardians must also take financial responsibility for the students E.A. or Support Worker. If a family is in need of a Support Worker for their child during Weekday Warriors, and can provide funding for this potential Support Worker, The Boys & Girls Club of Yukon can assist in obtaining a support worker through our interview and hiring process.


             Registration packages are available at the Boys & Girls Club office, located at 306-A Alexander Street, or on our website www.bgcyukon.com. Parents/guardians must contact our office when registering [BGCY4] their student to confirm space availability. Parents/guardians must fill out and sign all registration forms before the student enters our program. When registering, we can only guarantee a student’s spot when a payment is received for the days selected. The schools and their staff are not responsible for registration forms, accounts payable or receipts. If a student shows up to our program unregistered for that day and we are at full capacity, the student will be sent to the office for parent contact. [BGCY5] The Boys & Girls Club of Yukon does not take responsibility for unregistered students or students who have not been admitted due to capacity issues.


Absent Students

            If a student is sick or expected away from the program for any number of days, parents/guardians must notify the Weekday Warrior phone line (393-2824, ext 203) or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in advance (by 12:00pm, on the first day away from program). Please contact the Weekday Warriors phone line or the Middle Years Program Director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. anytime you wish to confirm/cancel days selected. Notifications through any other method will NOT be received by the program staff.

If at any time our programs are full, we will put students on a waiting list. Parents will be notified as soon as a spot becomes available. If parents/guardians are unable to be contacted, the next student on the list will be contacted until the spot is filled.

Photo and Medical Release

            Upon registering a student for our programs, parents/guardians must sign the photo and medical release sections located in the registrations packages. If a parent/guardian does not wish to sign these releases, their child or children cannot participate in our program. Photos of the Weekday Warriors program are a great way to involve parents/guardians, school staff, our community, sponsors and funders in the day-to-day programming of Weekday Warriors. All photographs taken are property of the Boys & Girls Club of Yukon.

Program Locations and Pick Up Areas

            The Weekday Warriors have a predetermined program location within each of their schools. This location may change throughout the school year, as our program is designed to be flexible within the school and its needs. Students will be notified at the start of program (by the school) if we are relocating to another area of the school. Parents/guardians will also be notified to our program location for the pickup of students, usually with signage.

            Parents are expected to pick up their children by 5:30pm at all our Weekday Warrior sites. If a parent/guardian is running late for pick-up, please contact the Weekday Warriors phone line. If parents/guardians fail to adhere to our pick-up times, a charge of $41.50 may be issued.

Other Important Information

            All participants must be able to use the restrooms individually. We do not provide assistance with diaper changing. Parents must send students with weather appropriate clothing. We spend a lot of time outside and need all students to be prepared for Yukon weather. Our program will only close due to weather when temperatures drop to -40 without the wind-chill. Our program abides by all rules enforced by each school; this includes all emergency procedures and evacuations.

            Program newsletters are available at any of our program locations and sent home with the students on a regular basis. They will also be available on our website. The purpose of these newsletters is to keep parents informed of activities and events taking place in the program. They also include important information or notices that we feel parents should be aware of throughout the school year. Our newsletters are independent from any that the school releases.

            Permission slips are sent home prior to an event or a special program. The slip will include a description of the event, the location, the purpose of the trip or program, transportation agreements, times and supervision arrangements.

            Personal items of students such as games, toys & electronics are NOT permitted to be used during Weekday Warriors. If a student brings a personal item they will be asked to keep that item in their backpack. Refusal to put away the item will result in confiscation by Weekday Warriors staff. Confiscated items will be returned to parents/guardians at their request.

            The Boys & Girls Club of Yukon retains the right to discontinue services to any individual at any time.

Facilitators, Job Shadows and Volunteers

            The Boys & Girls Club of Yukon regularly invites a wide range of facilitators, guest speakers and volunteers to our program throughout the school year. They are often members of our community and help to enrich our program within their specific field. Prior to attendance in our program, they are mentioned in our newsletters and on our website.

We continuously support and train youth workers from other communities and invite them to job shadow and partake in our staff meetings. This opportunity helps these youth workers and their communities gain hands-on training and involvement in our overall goal to reach out to all youth across the Yukon.

Communication and Contact Information

            The easiest way for parents/guardians to communicate with the Weekday Warriors staff is by e-mailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You are also welcome to call our Weekday Warriors line, 393-2824 ext. 203, Monday through Friday from 10:00am to 6:00pm, where our messages are regularly checked.

Boys & Girls Of Yukon Phone: 393-2824

Executive Director: Extension 201

Administation: Extension 202

Middle Years Program Director: Extension 203

Teen Years Program Director: Extension 204

Early Years Program Director: Extension 206

Office location:

Boys & Girls Club of Yukon

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