Welcome to BGC Yukon,
a youth-serving organization based in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

About Us

BGC Yukon is a youth-serving not-for-profit organization. We operate two locations in Whitehorse (an Early years Centre and a Youth Centre), offer programming at two additional program sites, and have begun expanding services across Yukon. Our primary programs are daycare services, after-school programs, a youth drop-in, and our "Aging Out" program.

Our programming with youth focuses on providing opportunities that promote social-emotional skills as well as self-expression and Identity-enhancement through various recreational activities, arts, community-building, on-the-land exploring and learning, and many more.

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Core Programs

Learning Tree Daycare

The Learning Tree Daycare is a not-for-profit, licensed child care program run by BGC Yukon. The program provides a stimulating and educational experience for children between the ages of 18 months and 5 years old.

After-School All-Stars

After-School All-Stars is a recreation-based program for youth ages 6-11 years old. It runs throughout the school year, offering care Monday to Friday from 3pm to 5pm, as well as PD Day and Spring Break Camps.

Drop-In Youth Centre

The Drop-In Youth Centre is a safe environment for youth ages 12-18 years old. The Centre runs all year long on Tuesday to Saturday from 3pm to 9pm, and provides youth with a multitude of opportunities.

Our Impact

Million Dollars Raised
Families Supported
Meals Served

Latest News

It's official! Boys & Girls Clubs of Yukon has become BGC Yukon. It's not to be trendy and not because it's shorter or catchier, but because Clubs across the country open their doors to all kids and teens and we believe our brand should reflect that.

Removing gender from our name modernizes the BGC brand and echoes the inclusive practises we're known for without straying too far from our history and brand awareness. It also embraces the fact that we serve young people of all ages, background, and identities.

Annual Report
"My son took great ownership of [Project Backpack] and it was a big part of moving him to love cooking and giving him confidence to do it. He is now making meals for the family, which brings a sense of contribution and great pride! A number of recipes were not part or our repertoire, so introduced the family to different recipes to work with. We looked forward to the surprise we would get to make each week."
"My son is happy to go to school in the morning because he knows he goes to All-Stars after-school program after."
"[Project Backback] has given us increased food security, a chance to learn new skills and recipes, and for my daughter to gain more confidence and independence in helping with meals."
"[Project Backback allowed us to have] extra money for other bills - electricity and gas. Cooking together as a family and new recipes and ingredients we haven't used before."
"Keep offering the variety of programs you do, ensuring they are inclusive, and offering the participants opportunities to learn of the different cultures."
"I like the monthly newsletter, including updates on what is planned or what has happened. A great program for the children and teens!"
"We greatly appreciate the PD Day care option!"
"Thank you for having [my son] and all the support that you all have given him and I over the past year. I truly love this program and hope to be part of any upcoming programming that you may offer...I think [BGC Yukon] is excellent for our growing youth and great staff!"

Sponsors & Collaborators

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