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Annual Report

BGC Yukon services & programs are supported annually by the Yukon Government Youth Directorate and the Child Services Direct Operating Grant, through grant applications, some private donors and fundraising events. BGC Yukon Core funding supports the following: 

Million Dollars Raised
Families Supported
Meals Served


BGC Yukon’s role in our community continues to be as valuable as the day our doors first opened. BGC Yukon programming continues to focus on asset development programming that supports the capacity development of our individuals and our communities through stronger connections to themselves, their communities and the Land.

BGC Yukon addresses negative behaviours, choices and prevention factors, specifically the root causes related to individuals, peers and community/neighbourhoods, through the delivery of prevention and re-integration programming. We focus on building the capacity of the individual to ensure they are aware of their choices, their supports, their personal power and connection to their own positive future.

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